What Exactly is Pinkeye?

pink eye chicago | Dr. Stuart SondheimerPinkeye (also referred to as conjunctivitis) is a common condition that occurs when the underside of the eyelids (conjunctiva) and the clear covering of the eye (sclera) become inflamed. This causes the blood vessels in the eye and eyelids to dilate, which makes the eye pink in appearance. Pink eye is extremely contagious and can be spread to other people by something as simple as sharing a towel.

The most common symptoms of pinkeye are a red of pink appearance, light sensitivity, funny nose, a feeling like something is in your eye (grittiness), discharge that builds up as you sleep, sore throat, swollen glands by the ears, and puffy, itchy eyes.

The most effective tips for preventing pink eye include the following:

  • Washing your hands often with soap and warm water.This is especially important before and after you apply medication to your eyes like eye drops or ointment. And if soap and water aren’t readily available, use the hand sanitizer that contains an alcohol base.
  • Avoiding rubbing or touching your eyes. This can make your pink eye worse or possibly spread it to your other eye.
  • Keeping things to yourself. It’s important not to share your personal items when you have pink eye. This includes makeup, pillows, washcloths, towels, contact lens containers or eyeglasses. And wash pillowcases, sheets, and washcloths in hot water with detergent, making sure to wash your hands after touching these items.
  • Avoiding wearing contact lenses.These can be an eye irritant and make the infection worse. Ask your doctor when it’s appropriate to start wearing them again.
  • Wearing eye protection.Your eyes can become irritated from wind, heat or cold. Wear protective eyewear to help prevent eye irritation.

To learn more about preventing or treating pink eye in Chicago, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sondheimer online or by calling: 847-677-2794


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