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Reasons To Get an Eye Exam

Taking care of our eyes is just as important as taking care of our bodies. A routine eye exam tests more than visual acuity. Eye exams can detect any disease of the eye, issues within our general health, and possible vision changes you may not yet be aware of.   Here are four reasons to get …

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A Closer Look at Monovision

In our last post, we discussed the issues that people with presbyopia face and how this common vision problem may be addressed. To further expand on long-term presbyopia treatment, we want to focus our attention on monovision. With concise information regarding your various treatment options, you are one step closer to saying goodbye to blurry …

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Accurate Communication is Important to Receiving Proper Eye Care

If you’ve experienced some type of change in your vision, you may think that you could describe this well to your ophthalmologist. Most people do. However, from our perspective, we often hear patients describe their vision as cloudy or blurry. These are two very common symptoms, each of which could indicate a variety of underlying …

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Common Vision Myths

Eye health is an important aspect of a long and vibrant life. The last thing that a person needs is to fall victim to believing faulty information that may affect how they take care of their eyes. Here, we discuss some of the most common vision myths we’ve heard over the years. Wearing eyeglasses can …

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Eye Health is an Important Topic for Women

Women’s healthcare has come to look quite different from their male counterparts. We might assume that women always received special care, but this tended to apply only to reproductive health. Today, healthcare providers are much more aware of the nuances of women’s physiology and how these can influence risks for various conditions. In our arena …

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