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Eye Health is an Important Topic for Women

Women’s healthcare has come to look quite different from their male counterparts. We might assume that women always received special care, but this tended to apply only to reproductive health. Today, healthcare providers are much more aware of the nuances of women’s physiology and how these can influence risks for various conditions. In our arena …

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Comprehensive eye care solutions with Dr. Stuart Sondheimer

Your eyes allow you to see and interact with the world around you. When problems arise, it can significantly impair your vision and reduce your overall quality of life. With routine and comprehensive eye care solutions, you can maintain healthy eyes and reduce your risk of future problems. Some conditions, such as glaucoma, can be …

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How Do Eyes Work?

Isn’t it funny how we take certain things for granted? When we can see well, we may not even take notice of our eyes. But, when there’s a problem that affects our vision, our eyes may be the only thing we can focus on. But, paying attention to something that is going wrong isn’t a …

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Eye Health | Skokie, IL

Sunglasses For Spring

We are in spring-prep mode and there’s so much to get done. We’re spring cleaning, shopping for warm weather clothes, and planning exciting summer vacation trips. But, there’s one thing you should check on before you go off camping or vacationing this summer: sunglasses. Now is a great time to get used to bringing sunglasses …

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