Pterygium Treatment

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What is pterygium surgery?

Patients who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors may be at risk of developing a host of problems with their eye health. One condition that can often develop is that of pterygium. Pterygium is the formation of a fleshy, pink tissue on the white portion of the eye. This web-like tissue is often relatively

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What to expect with pterygium surgery

Conditions such as pterygium of the eye, or “conjunctiva growths,” can be bothersome to patients, even though they are not harmful. Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer understands that many patients want to have this conjunctiva tissue overgrowth addressed with surgical interventions, especially if it is bothersome and interferes with one’s vision. What to expect with pterygium

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Pterygium treatment

There are many conditions that can impact the eyes. This is why it is important to have routine eye examinations and to visit with an eye physician as soon as problem arise. One condition that can be diagnosed and treated at the practice of Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer in Skokie, IL is pterygium. Our eye

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Pterygium | Skokie, IL

What is a Pterygium?

A pterygium (also called “surfer’s eye”) is a wing-shaped growth that often extends from the moist conjunctiva over the cornea of the eye. Pterygiums can cause dryness and irritation of the eye. In untreated cases, it can even move into the cornea of the eye, leading to blindness. Keep reading to learn how pterygiums can

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