On Preventing the Growth of Pterygiums

pterygium surgery Everyone wants to keep their eyes healthy and their vision as pristine as possible and for as long as possible. However, despite your best efforts to do that, sometimes the unexpected can occur, and something goes wrong with your eyes and vision. This is often the case that countless Americans face. However, thanks to modern medical innovations, you aren’t left without options—even when it comes to pterygiums. With quality pterygium treatment, the bothersome eye growths can be gone before you know it.

But how exactly can one go about avoiding the growth of pterygiums in the first place? Here are three tips to answer that:

Use Eye Lubricant When Necessary

The first way you can help your body prevent the growth of pterygium—also known as “Surfer’s Eye”—is by routinely using eye lubricant to keep your eyes moist and functioning at their best. Though some people find eye drops difficult to use or to even remember to use, they are an immense help to keeping your eyes pterygium-free. This is because, by avoiding excess eye dryness and irritation, you can deny pterygium the conditions it needs to develop.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

As you’ll continue to see, these tips for preventing pterygiums—and therefore the need for pterygium treatment—are based on keeping your eyes from being excessively dry or irritated from day to day. Another eye irritant that can aid in the onset of pterygiums is intense sunlight. As such, avoiding prolonged exposure to high amounts of sunlight is another easy tip to keep in mind—though you can see now why it commonly affects surfers and has earned such a name.

Utilize Proper Sun Protection

In the same vein as the tip above, if you’re unable to avoid excessive sunlight (as well as wind or dust), proper protection is the next best method of prevention. Using sunglasses with a high level of UV protection, as well as wearing a hat with a sufficient brim, will ensure your eyes experience the least amount of strain possible while you’re out and about.

Top-Rated Pterygium Treatment in Skokie, IL

If you think you may be showing the early signs of pterygium or are currently in need of pterygium treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Stuart Sondheimer today at 847-677-2794. With a convenient location right in Skokie, IL, Dr. Sondheimer proudly serves the greater Chicago area.

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