Everything That You Need To Know About Cataracts

Suddenly developing cloudy and fuzzy vision can be an unexpected change, and make life more difficult. This could be the development of cataracts, while typically occurring over time, is usually noticed abruptly. If you believe you might have cataracts, cataract surgery could be a great option for you. Here is everything you need to know about cataracts. …

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What occurs during refractive cataract surgery?

Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer of Skokie, IL, is a dedicated professional here to help patients in the community with vision and vision concerns. This includes certain procedures such as refractive cataract surgery. Patients with cataracts may find that this procedure can dramatically improve their quality of life and their vision. Understanding the process and what …

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What are cataracts?

Cataracts are a condition that can impact many individuals over the age of 40. In fact, according to The National Eye Institute, more than 20 million Americans over 40 deal with cataracts. Approximately half of these individuals are over the age of 80. This common, age-related condition is one of the leading causes of poor …

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