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Diabetic Eye Care

It is imperative that you adhere to certain guidelines to prevent eye disease if you are diabetic. Diabetes is a contributing factor to cataracts and other conditions that cause blindness. In our blog, our board-certified eye physicians tell you how you can reduce the risk of going blind if you have diabetes. Continue reading to …

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A Closer Look at Monovision

In our last post, we discussed the issues that people with presbyopia face and how this common vision problem may be addressed. To further expand on long-term presbyopia treatment, we want to focus our attention on monovision. With concise information regarding your various treatment options, you are one step closer to saying goodbye to blurry …

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What happens during vitreous floater surgery

Over time, many patients will experience the development of “floaters” in their field of vision. Floaters are specks, strings, and other shapes that may appear when looking around. While these flecks are harmless, they can become severe, large, and interfere routinely with one’s vision, impacting their ability to read or drive. These specks are actually …

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