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What is Wavefront®?

At the office of Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer, patients who have certain vision concerns can seek assistance from our team of professionals. Our eye physician will work with you to help you improve your vision, especially if you would like to eliminate your need for corrective lenses, including eyeglasses or contact lenses. To achieve results, …

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What are the benefits of Wavefront custom LASIK treatment?

Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer is an eye doctor in the Skokie, IL, community who works with patients to help them achieve better vision and healthy eyes. For patients who want to improve their vision and eliminate the need for glasses and contacts, LASIK treatment might be strongly considered. There are various types of LASIK treatments …

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Will I Need Reading Glasses After LASIK

In America, over 14 million people suffer from hyperopia (farsightedness). If you are one of those people, you are likely tired of constantly searching for your reading glasses. Farsightedness is often the result of a too-flat cornea, causing light to fall behind your retina instead of on it. With LASIK we can reshape your cornea, resolve the condition, and …

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Can I Get LASIK for Presbyopia?

If you’ve reached the age at which you’re starting to hold the newspaper or restaurant menu at arm’s length in order to see the print,  welcome to the presbyopia club. This age-related vision problem tends to develop sometime during our forties. Depending on your general health and genetic makeup, you may navigate the presbyopia experience …

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Learn about refractive cataract surgery, or LASIK

Patients who want to be free from eyeglasses and contacts will often find that refractive eye surgeries such as LASIK are their most reliable option. LASIK is a common procedure performed to help patients improve their vision and stop relying on prescription eyewear to see properly. The procedure is incredibly popular because it allows patients …

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Understanding LASIK

Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer and his team believe that everyone deserves to have clear vision to take in the world around them. However, patients in Skokie, IL who are struggling with daily contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses may be interested in learning about alternative solutions available to them. Many patients who are ready to enhance …

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Skokie, IL area patients who have considered the benefits of LASIK eye surgery to improve their vision and eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contacts are often readily familiar with this procedure. However, there are other options available to these patients through professionals such as Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer. He is pleased to offer IntraLase. IntraLase is …



No matter what, you know that you need to break up with your glasses sooner or later. Contacts or glasses, whichever you wear, pose issues that get in the way of you living your life. And especially with summer here, they can get in the way of your summer vacation plans. We are proud to …

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