What are the benefits of Wavefront custom LASIK treatment?

woman wear striped shirt arm spectacles smiling Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer is an eye doctor in the Skokie, IL, community who works with patients to help them achieve better vision and healthy eyes. For patients who want to improve their vision and eliminate the need for glasses and contacts, LASIK treatment might be strongly considered. There are various types of LASIK treatments for patients to consider for their unique needs, which makes it more critical than ever to talk to a doctor who has experience providing them all. Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer may recommend to some patients the advantages of the Wavefront custom LASIK treatment versus traditional LASIK services.

What is the Wavefront custom LASIK treatment?

The Wavefront custom LASIK treatment is a procedure that uses advanced technology to create a personalized laser correction plan for each patient. This technique can result in improved visual outcomes and reduced potential for side effects.

During the Wavefront custom LASIK treatment, tiny measurements called “wavefront aberrations” are taken to map out the unique imperfections in each person’s eye. This information is then used to guide the laser during surgery, allowing for more precise and individualized correction.

What are the benefits of Wavefront custom LASIK treatment versus traditional LASIK?

Some potential benefits of Wavefront custom LASIK include improved quality of vision, reduced risk of nighttime glare and halos, and decreased chance of needing enhancements in the future. Additionally, many patients will have a better chance of achieving a 20/20 vision or greater. This makes it an ideal solution for many of the individuals who visit the office of Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer.

What makes Wavefront custom LASIK treatment different?

The major difference between traditional LASIK treatment and Wavefront custom LASIK treatment is the use of a laser to perform the procedure. Instead of making a corneal flap using a blade, this treatment does so using laser light energy instead. This can reduce the risk of complications that can develop after the procedure, ensuring better results and fewer risks.

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