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Eye Basics

The eye is a miraculously complex structure that comes complete its own circulatory system. The process of “seeing” begins when light enters the cornea (clear front portion of the eye) and travels through the eye’s natural crystalline lens where light is focused on the retina (back portion of the eye).
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Dr. Stuart Sondheimer is one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons. He has helped countless patients reduce their dependence on, or completely eliminate, glasses and/or contact lenses. Whatever the reason, thousands upon thousands of people choose to experience life without glasses or contact lenses.
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With the IntraLase® method, pulses of laser light create your corneal flap, which is then lifted so the next step of LASIK the reshaping of your cornea can be performed. When your LASIK treatment is over, the flap is securely repositioned into place. This bladeless, computer-guided technology is safer and far more accurate than the mechanical microkeratomes.
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WaveFront® Custom LASIK

The WaveFront® technology was developed some years ago as a means to refine and sharpen the optics in high-powered the telescopes used by astronomers. It is a technology that has allowed scientists better views of the universe by eliminating aberrations caused by the Earth’s atmosphere.
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PRK Surgery

PRK and the excimer laser can benefit both nearsighted (flatten a too-steep cornea) and farsighted (make the cornea steeper) patients. In some cases, the excimer laser may also be used to smooth the irregular curvature of a cornea, the cause of astigmatism. Dr. Sondheimer may recommend PRK Surgery in order to retain the integrity and strength of the eye. > Learn more


A cataract causes poor vision and can ultimately result in blindness if not removed. In the early stages, patients complain of vision that is a little fuzzy or blurred. This is because the eye’s natural crystalline lens is becoming cloudy, or opaque. As it grows, so does the list of symptoms.
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Refractive Cataract Surgery

Stuart Sondheimer, M.D, uses a comprehensive and integrative approach to reduce or eliminate his patient’s dependence on glasses after cataract surgery. He brings his extensive experience obtained by performing more than 22,000 surgical procedures to treat cataracts and the need for glasses.
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Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery involves the use of the Femtosecond Laser to perform vital steps of cataract treatment. This advancement eliminates the need for handheld surgical blades and reduces ultrasonic energy that is used to break up the cataractous lens in phacoemulsification (ultrasonic lens removal).
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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma has been called the “sneak thief of sight” because in the most typical form, there are no symptoms. In chronic glaucoma, there is no pain, no swelling, or no redness. Simply, glaucoma destroys vision by putting pressure on the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the path which sends light signals to the brain.
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Macular Degeneration

There are two major types of Macular Degeneration: “Dry” and “Wet”. The “Dry” form of Macular Degeneration is characterized by a gradual loss of vision caused by the gradual aging of the Macula which is the part of the retina that can potentially have 20/20 Vision. In the “Wet” form of Macular Degeneration, leakage of fluid and blood in the Macula can destroy clear central vision.
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Chicago cataracts specialist, Dr. Stuart Sondheimer, is among the first surgeons in the United States to be trained and certified to implant the new Alcon AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens (IOL). The ReSTOR® lens allows patients with and without presbyopia a quality range of vision. A cataract occurs because the eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy or opaque.
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Tecnis Multifocal IOL

The Tecnis IOL was developed by Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (AMO) using wavefront analysis of human corneas. It was specifically engineered to cater to patients who wish to obtain improved vision acuity at multiple distances following cataract surgery. Tecnis first gained FDA-approval in early 2009 as a new IOL that gives cataract surgery patients, with or without presbyopia, superior near and reading vision.
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