Laser Cataract Surgery

What is laser cataract surgery?

Refractive cataract surgery with premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs) is among the most common vision correction procedures today. Performed through advanced self-sealing, micro-incision surgical techniques that eliminate the need for stitches in the eye and promote increased patient comfort, this procedure both eliminates cataracts and enables patients to see clearly both near and far postoperatively.

As an experienced cataract surgeon who has performed more than 22,000 successful eye surgical procedures, Dr. Sondheimer is pleased to offer his cataract surgery patients the latest laser cataract surgery.

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Am I A Candidate For Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts caused by aging tend to develop gradually, therefore patients might not notice the early changes in vision. Most patients usually become aware of their cataracts when they start interfering with their vision. An ophthalmologic exam will detect cataracts, and help rule out other causes for vision issues, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma. Patients who become aware of cataract visual difficulties usually experience clouded, blurred or dim vision, especially at night.

Reasons To Have Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can cause vision to blur, and increase the glare someone sees from lights. In the early stages, cataracts are not typically troublesome but, as they thicken, surgery to have them removed may be necessary. Surgery is usually necessary when cataracts are interfering with everyday activities or the treatment of a different eye problem.

Cataract Surgery Benefits

There are many benefits to cataract surgery all of which can greatly enhance the quality of life. Some benefits include:

  • Improved vision quality (sharper images, brighter colors)
  • Greater independence, regardless of age or disability
  • Greater safety
  • Decreased dependency on eyeglasses
  • Less difficulty with routine tasks (particularly night driving)

Laser Cataract Surgery Skokie ILlaser cataract surgery procedure

Laser cataract surgery involves the use of the Femtosecond Laser to perform vital steps of cataract treatment. This advancement eliminates the need for handheld surgical blades and reduces ultrasonic energy that breaks up the cataractous lens in phacoemulsification (ultrasonic lens removal).

When compared to advanced micro-incision cataract surgery, laser cataract surgery leads to improved accuracy and patient comfort as well as less time in surgery and a quicker, smoother recovery.

After removing the diseased lens through laser cataract surgery, an intraocular lens implant (IOL) is inserted in the eye in order to provide clear vision. The most sophisticated IOLs available today correct astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness and reduce the need for reading glasses.

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Cataract Surgery Risks

While cataract surgery is a very common procedure and widely considered safe, there are always risks involved in any surgery. Some risks of cataract surgery include retinal detachment or infection. The likelihood of complications is higher in patients with an eye disease or serious medical condition.

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