Understanding LASIK

Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer and his team believe that everyone deserves to have clear vision to take in the world around them. However, patients in Skokie, IL who are struggling with daily contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses may be interested in learning about alternative solutions available to them. Many patients who are ready to enhance their appearance will want to consider the benefits of certain laser treatments that can correct common eye concerns, including the popular LASIK procedure.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a specialized laser eye surgery that is used to correct the shape of the eye’s cornea. By doing so, it can correct a number of different vision issues including:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

With a manual correction of the cornea, Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer can improve visual acuity and allow patients to no longer require glasses or contacts, freeing them from corrective lenses! The LASIK procedure is done in just a few minutes at our practice but can provide a lifetime of clearer vision!

Are you a candidate for LASIK procedures?

To determine if a patient is a good fit for this or other laser eye surgeries available with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer, it is important to get an evaluation with our team. During an initial consultation, our doctor will examine your vision and eye health to decide if LASIK is a good fit for you. For patients who may have certain conditions that can impact their ability to undergo a flap procedure such as LASIK, PRK may be recommended instead. Both procedures provide improvement in vision but PRK eliminates the need to create a tissue flap. For some patients, the flap can become problematic during the healing process.

Learn about LASIK treatment and other solutions at our Skokie, IL area practice

If you are considering LASIK or other procedures such as corneal transplant or PRK, we encourage you to book a consultation visit with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer to determine if you are a proper candidate. Call (847) 677-2794 today to request your appointment and get started on the road to clearer vision without eyeglasses and contacts.

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