What is pterygium surgery?

istock 1272927126 Patients who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors may be at risk of developing a host of problems with their eye health. One condition that can often develop is that of pterygium. Pterygium is the formation of a fleshy, pink tissue on the white portion of the eye. This web-like tissue is often relatively harmless, though patients who develop large pterygium may experience problems including:

  • Blurred vision
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Gritty irritation of the eye

Why does pterygium form?

Research has showed that the development of pterygium seems to be related to exposure to ultraviolet light, such as the sun, and irritants found in the air such as dust in the wind. It is found that most patients who develop this condition are those who work outdoors or spend considerable amounts of time outside on a regular basis. The formation of the pterygium is relatively harmless, but it can become bothersome and require removal from a medical professional.

Pterygium surgery

The surgical procedure performed to remove pterygium is done quickly and easily right in the office of Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer. The tissues are removed, therefore eliminating the symptoms patients experienced. It also restores the healthy appearance of the eye, especially if the growth was impacting the way a patient looks and causing them to feel self-conscious. This quick outpatient procedure is the most effective treatment for pterygium.

Is pterygium cancerous?

Pterygium is a benign growth of tissues, and is not an indication of cancer or other serious medical issue. However, patients who regularly experience sun exposure and are at high risk of pterygium may find themselves also at high risk for skin cancer. These patients should be having annual skin cancer screenings performed with their dermatologist.

Learn more about pterygium and surgery to remove it

Discuss your vision and eye health needs with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer and his team in Skokie, IL to learn more about pterygium and other concerns that might need to be resolved with the help of a professional. The office is located at 9150 Crawford Avenue, Ste. #201 and can be reached by phone at (847) 677-2794.

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