Reasons To Get an Eye Exam

Asian Woman doing eye test in clinic Taking care of our eyes is just as important as taking care of our bodies. A routine eye exam tests more than visual acuity. Eye exams can detect any disease of the eye, issues within our general health, and possible vision changes you may not yet be aware of.  

Here are four reasons to get an eye exam:

Overall Eye health

A regular eye exam provides you with the same opportunity to treat a problem at its earliest stage as a routine medical checkup would. An eye exam can detect and prevent eye diseases that may have gone unnoticed. Catching any problems early will allow a greater possibility for a more successful treatment.  

Our eyes can also showcase signs of other possible health issues, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes, which we may not be aware of. So checking your eyes will also check on your overall health.

Digital strain

It may not seem like a big deal as we have grown accustomed to it, but staring at screens all day can cause a strain on our eyes.

When we stare at a screen, we tend to blink less. Constant staring and less blinking cause a strain on our eyes and often leads to dry eyes. Dry eyes can impact your vision and overall eye health. A quick visit to the doctor will help you manage and properly care for any strain or complications in your eyes. 

Vision changes

As we age, our vision changes. Aging eyes, also known as Presbyopia, are common in people over 40. Common changes that can arise are blurred vision, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. A routine eye exam will alert you of any changes and keep your vision at its best. 

Medical History

Chronic illness and certain medications can impact our vision. It is imperative to check on your sight if you have a chronic disease or take any medication that puts you at risk of any eye disease. Anyone with a family history of vision problems should also prioritize eye care.

Eyecare is just as important as medical care. Keep your eyes healthy and book an exam today. Call 847-677-2794 to schedule a consultation with eye specialist, Dr. Stuart Sondheimer. 

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