Shopping For Glasses Online: Is It A Good Idea?

Eye Basics | Stuart P. Sondheimer, MD | Skokie, IL If you’ve ever lost a contact or gotten an eye infection, you know that having glasses can help you keep your life on track. If you have a high prescription, going without your contacts can seem daunting, if not outright dangerous! We always recommend having a backup pair of glasses that you can update every other year, just to be safe. But, now that you know you need a pair of glasses, should you buy them online or in person? Keep reading to learn about shopping online for glasses frames.

Getting Started

Before you buy glasses online, you need to know a few things. Your prescription is important, but there are other measurements you’ll need to find a good fit. The optical center of your glasses will give you the clearest vision, so you need to know the distance between your pupils (also referred to as PD).

You will also want to know what kind of shapes look good on your face, and what materials you like. Glasses come in metal, acetate, and other materials, and will feel differently on the face depending on the weight of your prescription and the materials used.

The Right Fit

When you shop for glasses in person, you can try them on to see what looks best on you. Shopping online is harder since you will have to do a little more guessing. Online shops often offer services where you can virtually try on glasses, but they will never be 100% accurate. Depending on where the bridge of the glasses hits your nose and the placement of your ears, glasses might sit high or low on you.

Also, some glasses just might not feel very comfortable on your face, even if they are technically the right size. Trying glasses on in person helps prevent errors of fit and comfort.


Service is very important when it comes to more expensive purchases like a pair of quality glasses frames. If something is wrong with your frames or prescription, going through the return process online might be quite a hassle. We offer the best service to ensure you get the glasses you paid for, and are here to help if there is something wrong with your glasses.

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