How to Hide a Stye

Eye Basics | Stuart P. Sondheimer, MD | Skokie, IL Have you ever woken up on the morning of a very important day to find that something’s just not right? Waking up with a stye is our worst nightmare. There’s only so much you can do during the day of. Thankfully, we’re here to help you calm and hide a stye in the event that you just can’t stay home and reschedule a big meeting!

Styes are those little red bumps that seem to sit inside or on top of the eyelid, causing you to tear up, and wonder why your eye is so tender. Thankfully, styes heal on their own after a few days. We have a few tips to help you stay comfortable and encourage it to heal even faster.

Bacteria is the main cause of styes. These pesky bacteria enter the glands along our eyelids where our eyelashes are, and mix with dead skin cells. The glands then get clogged and inflamed, and you see a stye in the next day or two.

Toss your contacts. They can trap bacteria, and are likely to reintroduce the bacteria into your eye each time you put them back in. Ideally, you have a pair of backup glasses to wear for the next few days while your eyes breathe and recuperate.

Glasses are also great to wear when you have a stye, since they can help draw attention away from the stye (especially if you have bold or bright frames).

Makeup can help if your stye is especially red or large. A green concealer stick can help counter the color red–since it’s opposite red on the color wheel–so put a little on your finger and gently blend the color in until it looks more like your natural skin tone.

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Styes generally get better on their own after a few days, but you can help by treating your eyes kindly and gently. This encourages the stye to resolve itself by keeping it clean. If you have a stye that is affecting your vision or is not improving, give us a call at (847) 677-2794 to schedule a consultation.

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