What is laser vitreolysis?

While most “floaters” and strings that are visible in one’s field of vision are completely normal, there are times in which these particles in the vitreous gel may be extremely bothersome for patients. In situations such as this, these particles can be broken up by a laser to reduce and even eliminate floaters in your field of vision. Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer of Skokie, IL can provide laser vitreolysis for individuals who are bothered by floaters and are seeking effective and permanent treatment.

Who is a good candidate for laser vitreolysis?

The best candidates for this treatment are those who are dealing with treatable floaters that are impacting their vision or are bothersome to everyday life. Visual disturbances occurring because of larger floaters may warrant this treatment to resolve. During an initial evaluation, our doctor will determine if these dense floaters will respond well to laser vitreolysis. Candidates for treatment are those who have had floaters present for over two months, and floaters that are not associated with the development of any eye diseases.

What can I expect with laser vitreolysis?

Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer stresses to his patients the benefits of this treatment. Laser vitreolysis is a treatment that is pain-free and minimally invasive. The procedure starts with the administration of eye drops to anesthetize the eye to ensure no pain. During the treatment, a laser device will administer laser light through the eye to break down the floaters present. During this, patients will notice dark shadows and specks as the floaters are evaporated with laser light and become small bubbles of gas. These bubbles are quickly absorbed and the procedure is complete. After treatment, patients may have anti-inflammatory eye drops administered to the treated eye and sent home for use. With treatment, most of our patients enjoy an improvement in their symptoms and substantial changes in their vision.

Are you in need of laser vitreolysis?

Contact Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer and his team today to request an appointment. Our practice can be reached by phone at (847) 677-2794 and is always accepting new patients seeking quality eye care with an experienced physician.

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