Treating eye floaters effectively with laser vitreolysis

istock 1151158733 1 Patients who notice spots and lines across their vision may be dealing with a condition known as eye “floaters.” Inside of the eye is a gel called the vitreous. This fluid fills the eye. For some patients, protein fibers called collagen within this gel-like substance can clump together and cause shadows onto the field of vision from the retina. When this happens, the floaters become more noticeable and in some cases, can reduce or block one’s vision. In most cases, floaters can be left alone and are a minor inconvenience, while for others, they may need to be treated because they are substantially impacting one’s vision. In a case such as this, Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer of Skokie, IL may recommend patients consider the benefits of laser vitreolysis as a treatment option.

What is laser vitreolysis?

Laser vitreolysis is a treatment for eye floaters that is available with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer. This particular treatment uses a specialized laser device that penetrates into the vitreous fluid in the eye and breaks down the floaters by vaporizing them with laser light energy. Laser vitreolysis is the most effective way to address eye floaters with the least complications and best satisfaction rate. It is simple and performed right in the office for patients ready to combat their floaters once and for all!

Who is a candidate for laser vitreolysis?

Patients with mild floaters are often not bothered by these clumps of collagen proteins, but for other patients, they can impact their field of vision and require treatment. The best candidates for laser vitreolysis are patients with moderate to severe eye floaters that do not resolve on their own. Patients should be healthy adults with a recent comprehensive eye examination to ensure no other existing conditions are impacting their eye health.

Interested in learning more about the treatment of floaters with laser vitreolysis?

Contact Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer and his team to discuss your candidacy. His practice is located in Skokie, IL at 9150 Crawford Avenue, Suite #201 and can be reached via phone at (847) 677-2794. Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer offers diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of vision health concerns for new and current patients in the community and surrounding cities.

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