Frequently asked questions about laser surgery for patients with cataracts

iStock 1279371084 Many patients with cataracts may have questions about ways in which they can address the problem. Cataracts can cause the vision to become hazy due to clouding of the natural eye lens. When the condition becomes severe enough that it impacts a patient’s daily life, including difficulty seeing to read or drive, it might be time for these individuals to speak to their eye physician about the benefits of cataract surgery. At the practice of Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer, patients can ask about laser cataract surgery. 

What is the difference between laser and standard cataract surgery? 

The primary difference when it comes to comparing laser cataract surgery and standard cataract surgery is the tool which is used to make incisions. In traditional, standard cataract surgeries, the doctor will use a scalpel to make the incision in the eye to remove the bad lens and replace it with a corrective lens, known as an IOL (intraocular lens). With laser cataract surgery, this same incision is made with a laser. 

Is laser cataract surgery better? 

When comparing both laser and traditional surgeries, neither is better than another. Both provide the same results after the procedure. These are just different tools used for the surgery versus different techniques and are comparable in quality and final results for the patient. 

Is laser cataract surgery safe? 

To provide laser surgery, the eye physician must undergo extensive training to gain the expertise needed to offer this option at the practice. Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer has completed hundreds of laser cataract surgeries for patients over the years and continues to see reliable and effective results for his patients. 

Am I a candidate for laser cataract surgery? 

Speaking to your eye physician is the best way to find out if you are a good candidate for laser cataract surgery with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer of Skokie, IL. Patients interested in this procedure can contact the office by calling (847) 677-2794 and scheduling an appointment at 9150 Crawford Avenue, Suite #201. Our team of professionals are here to help educate patients on the procedure that they can undergo to improve their vision and address certain eye conditions such as cataracts.   

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