Will My Eyes Stop Changing?

Eye Basics| Stuart P. Sondheimer, MD | Skokie, IL Though your prescription may stabilize or change a little bit year-over-year, there are important factors at play over your lifetime that affects your vision. Keep reading to learn about the life-stages of your eyes.


When we’re born, our eyes don’t work perfectly. They constantly take in new information and adjust as we grow, getting better at following moving objects, for example. Our eyes are also unable to see color when we’re born: it takes from five to eight months for us to learn to see color! During this stage of life, it can be difficult to spot vision problems. Red, extremely teary eyes are a sign of eye issues. Light sensitivity or white pupils are also signs to bring in a baby for a doctor’s visit.


When we start going to preschool, our eyes have adjusted enough to give us fairly good hand-eye coordination. Crossed eyes or lazy eyes are easier to identify during this time of life, and it’s important to have those issues looked at as early as possible. Issues with coordination, light sensitivity, or sitting too close to the TV or people are signs of vision problems.


This is the age where many of us got our first pair of glasses. Back in the day, having a hard time reading the board at school was an indicator of poor vision. Now, computers and phones may cause vision problems, since the light they emit can be damaging. Monitor exposure to these kinds of light to keep your eyes healthy.


Your prescription may stabilize here, but it’s still important to take care of your eyes. Wear sunglasses and eat foods that support eye health, so you can have healthy eyes in the future.


Our eyes start aging again around age forty. This is a common time for eye strain due to work, illness, or genetic factors to show up and cause vision issues.


Signs of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal detachment start to show up around age sixty. Though you may feel young, it’s still important to take care of eyes that have been working hard for a long time.

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