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Eye Exam | Stuart P. Sondheimer, MD | Skokie, IL If you search for “Back to School Necessities” online, you might be met with a lot of what seems to be unnecessary items. Multiple sets of markers, pencils, pens, notebooks, rulers, and pencil sharpeners seems a little excessive to us. If it doesn’t fit in your child’s backpack, then can it really be that helpful to them at school?

Nevertheless, others will try to convince you that you need to toss out everything and start fresh with new items. We have a minimal approach that focuses on making sure your child is set for success during this school year. Keep reading for a basic breakdown of what your child needs for school.


Though we don’t think that you need to buy one of everything that you see in the school supplies aisle, we think that a few new items can help your child focus on school. Take stock of what your child currently has for school and make a list of things to replace before you shop. A new spiral-bound notebook, writing utensils, and art supplies will be invaluable.

An Eye Exam

Many children who have trouble seeing don’t even realize that they’re not seeing what other kids can see. If your child is struggling in school or sits close to the TV it’s time to schedule an eye exam. In fact, we recommend starting the school year with an eye exam to make sure that your child doesn’t have a lazy eye or myopia that could impact their ability to learn.

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Make this time of year the time for your children to visit the eye doctor, and keep their focus on learning. Call us today at (847) 677-2794 to schedule a back-to-school eye exam with Dr. Sondheimer before school starts.

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