Here’s Why Your Eyes Should be Seen

Here’s Why Your Eyes Should be Seen - Dr. Sondheimer The eyes are seen just about every day by at least one other person. Most people are somewhat aware that they want their eyes to be seen in the day to day. Additionally, there is the good reason to have your eyes seen by someone who is looking for specific information. We’re talking about having your eyes checked on a routine basis by an experienced eye doctor. For many men and women, the idea of seeing the eye doctor seems obvious. However, technology has stepped up its game in recent years, leading to the idea the eye exams can now be obtained without leaving home.

The Online Eye Exam is a Real Thing

An online eye exam may have sounded like something from the space age just a few years ago, but has recently become more common place. Adults who are well acquainted with computer technology and the internet may find nothing out of the ordinary about an online eye exam. Sure, this method of care is convenient. However, an online exam should be closely evaluated to ensure that it meets the full extent of need. Hint: it usually doesn’t.

An online eye exam is all about vision. This may seem sufficient. It’s not. Your eye health involves much more than how well you can read the fine print at this point in time. An online exam, with its focus on vision assessment, provides limited details by having the “patient” observe a series of lines, shapes, and characters on the computer screen. Nowhere in this exam is attention given to ocular structure, and this could ultimately be a very costly mistake.

The Professional Eye Exam Takes the Win

There may come a time when online software is sophisticated enough to observe visual acuity as well as the important structures of the eyes. For now, only a skilled eye doctor can do both.  A professional eye exam not only facilitates the most appropriate prescription for corrective lenses, but this level of care can also alert patients to potential problems such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, or other potentially significant eye conditions.

Our ultimate concern is to help you enjoy long-term eye health. Contact us in Deerfield, Skokie, or Park Ridge to schedule your eye exam.

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