5 Warning Signs of Glaucoma So You Can Catch It

Glaucoma is a collection of ailments that damage the optic nerve and, if not treated, can cause permanent vision loss. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in preventing such loss. Glaucoma primarily increases intraocular pressure, and it can cause permanent vision loss as the condition advances. Knowing glaucoma symptoms is key to catching it early. Our caring team at Stuart P. Sondheimer’s practice are here to help you!

5 Warning Sings of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a family of conditions that each have its own unique properties. However, there are some general symptoms that many of them share and point to early signs.

Blind Spots

The occurrence of blind spots in either the peripheral or central vision may indicate the onset of vision loss caused by glaucoma, which is a condition known as Vision Blind Spots. It is important not to overlook this key early symptom.


Glaucoma may be indicated by the presence of rainbow-colored circles around bright lights or sensitivity to light. This symptom is often very distinct and a recognizable potential glaucoma symptom.

Eye Pain or Aches

Angle-closure glaucoma, which progresses rapidly, frequently manifests as eye pain and headaches. It is important to take note of these symptoms to take early action

Vomiting and Nausea

A possible symptom of glaucoma is nausea or vomiting accompanied by severe eye pain. Vomiting and nausea are very common in other conditions, making it difficult to decide if its a possible glaucoma symptom or not. However, if the illness is accompanied by severe eye pain, it’s important to have it checked.

Eye Redness

Eye redness is a common symptom due to glaucoma producing pressure within the eye. This excess pressure is not only damaging to your vision but is also a physical irritation that can manifest itself as eye redness. So while eye redness alone is not enough to be considered glaucoma, it should not be ignored.

Stopping Glaucoma Before it Starts

Unfortunately, once Glaucoma symptoms become very noticeable, you may already have vision damage. The best bet to save your vision is by taking the necessary preventive measures and having your eyes checked regularly. That’s why Dr. Stuart Sondheimer in Chicago, IL, is here to provide you with glaucoma care. He has almost 40 years of experience and is a renowned Ophthalmologist. So make sure you take care of your vision and call 847-677-2794 today!

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