Summer Eye Care

As we age, it gets harder to lose those stubborn pounds, and our metabolism slows down. Those greasy burgers stick around longer than they used to. And, we can’t forget about our eyes.

No matter how old you are, eye health is important. Even if you’re on vacation. Ignoring your eye health during the summer can lead to increased chances of developing cataracts or macular degeneration later in life. And we don’t want that! Keep reading to learn how to keep your eyes healthy this summer so you can have great health for years to come.


We’ve surely mentioned sunglasses before, and how important they are to wear year-round. But, chances are, you’re not spending nearly as much time outside in the winter as you are in the summer. And that time spent in the sun can lead to sunburn and damage to your eyes. Get a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection and wear them any time you’re outside for more than fifteen minutes.


Headed to the beach or just the local pool? Don’t forget your goggles. The strong chemicals in pools, and the salt in the ocean, can lead to irritated eyes.  If you are a contact lens wearer, a good move is to discard any contact lenses after swimming. Lenses can harbor bacteria that increase your risk for severe eye infections. Yikes.

Eye Protection

If you’re the type to work outside and get things done, you know you need to wear protective goggles, right? You may risk getting a splinter or a piece of metal in your eye if you’re using power tools without eye protection. They’re fairly cheap and easy to wear. Protect your eyes when you’re out working.

Drink Water

Is there any time we won’t recommend drinking water? In the summer, we’re more likely to sweat and become dehydrated. When we’re really dehydrated, our eyes can’t make tears and keep our eyes as moist as they should be. Drinking enough water can help keep your eyes functioning as they should.

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