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Lasik | Skokie IL With Lasik being so popular, we get a lot of questions about it. And while most of the questions are similar, we do get some surprising questions every once in a while. Thankfully, we don’t believe in silly questions, so we make sure to treat every question seriously. But if you’ve ever had a question about Lasik, but were afraid to ask, keep reading. We may answer a question that’s been tugging at you below!

What if I blink during Lasik surgery?

This question is actually a little more common than you may think. People worry that they can interfere with the surgery, but the truth is, there’s very little chance of that happening. Drops are applied to your eyes before your surgery that help numb your eyes and inhibit your natural desire and urge to blink. Additionally, a small device holds your eyelids open so you can’t blink accidentally.

We make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during the procedure, so you’ll be lying down and may even have a contoured headrest to cradle your head. Don’t worry about moving and disrupting the surgery. We know how to prepare and make you feel comfortable and less likely to move.

Can Lasik make me go blind?

Lasik is a very popular procedure, and we’ve performed many surgeries with amazing outcomes. That being said, there are many Lasik practitioners out there who affect the statistics. Even with those surgeries included, issues and complications that come after Lasik are quite rare. It would be quite unusual for someone to go blind from Lasik surgery, especially if they followed their surgeon’s instructions after surgery. Granted, Lasik is a surgery and all surgeries do come with a certain level of risk.

Most Lasik complications are mild and can be managed or corrected. Complications that may occur include halos, dry eyes, or glares. These often go away after time. Severe complications that include vision loss are quite uncommon, though possible.

It’s important to ask questions before you undergo Lasik, and feel comfortable with the doctor you have chosen to perform your procedure.

If you’re ready for Lasik, contact us at (847) 677-2794 to schedule a consultation today.

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