What Is Laser Vitreolysis?

girl in office in business suit holding digital tablet showing thumbs up. If you have floaters in your field of view, you may be a proper candidate for treatments such as laser vitreolysis with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer of Skokie, IL. Learn more about this procedure and whether or not you may benefit from treatment.

What Is Laser Vitreolysis for the Eyes?

Laser vitreolysis is a procedure that uses lasers to break up and remove debris from the vitreous (the jelly-like material inside the eye) and other areas of the eye. It can be used to reduce floaters, which are small deposits in the vitreous. While these are not harmful, they can be bothersome, especially as they become larger.

What Can I Expect From Laser Vitreolysis?

Laser vitreolysis is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia with sedation and usually takes less than an hour to complete. The laser energy breaks down the debris into smaller particles which can then be safely removed from the eye using suction. After treatment, most people find their vision has been improved, and they have fewer floaters in their field of view.

What Are the Risks and Possible Side Effects of Laser Vitreolysis?

The procedure is generally safe and effective. However, do note that there may be some side effects, such as blurry vision, glare, or halos around lights. In addition, the laser energy used in vitreolysis can also affect the retina, so it is essential that patients are followed closely by their eye doctor for any signs of retinal damage. If there is any change in your vision or concerns that arise following your treatment, always connect with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer to determine if you need a follow-up visit to address them.

Is Laser Vitreolysis Right for Me?

Overall, laser vitreolysis is a safe and effective way to reduce bothersome floaters affecting your vision. If you are considering this treatment option, it is critical that you discuss with your eye doctor the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure. With a personalized treatment plan custom-tailored to your needs, you can have clearer vision without the disturbance of floaters. To find out if you are a proper candidate for laser vitreolysis or other eye procedures, connect with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer’s team to educate yourself further on your options. Call 847-677-2794 to talk about your need with our experienced eye physician and surgeon.

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