Your Keratoconus Concerns, Addressed

Eye Services Park Ridge IL Keratoconus develops when the cornea transforms from a dome shape to a cone shape. This occurs when the collagen is not strong enough to stop the cornea from bulging. This condition can result in frustrating and severe eye problems. Here are common concerns voiced by patients about keratoconus.

Is keratoconus genetic?

Research shows that keratoconus can be inherited. If you have the condition and have children, be sure to have their eyes examined every year beginning at age 10. Keratoconus seems to progress more rapidly in people who have certain allergic conditions.

What causes keratoconus?

Antioxidants work to protect the cornea. When there is a decrease in antioxidants, the collagen weakens resulting in a bulging cornea.

At what age can keratoconus develop?

Keratoconus typically starts in the teenage years. In unique cases, it can begin in childhood and even into the 30s and beyond. It will start in one eye then develop in the other later on.

Will keratoconus hurt my vision?

The effects of keratoconus will certainly cause vision problems. In most cases, the changes in the cornea will make it nearly impossible for the eyes to focus unless eyeglasses or specialized contact lenses are used. If the condition becomes severe, a corneal transplant may be in order. Other treatments include collagen crosslinking, which prevents the condition from getting worse. A laser procedure called PTK can level out any scarring and make it easier to wear contact lenses.

How do I know if I have keratoconus?

The signs of keratoconus range from minor to extreme vision problems. These include:

  • Double vision when looking through one eye
  • All objects look distorted
  • Streaking lights and seeing double images
  • An abrupt vision change in one eye
  • Feeling uneasy when driving because of blurry vision

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