Help, I have a Bump on my Eyelid! Understanding Styes and Chalazia

eye conditions Skokie, ILStyes and chalazia can be frustrating or painful to deal with. While they are different conditions, they share the same treatment methods. Styes develop when there is an infected hair follicle. The area will become red, swollen, irritated, and painful. On the other hand, chalazia begin due to a blocked oil gland and develop more slowly with rarely any pain. Let’s address the symptoms and treatment options for styes and chalazia.

Symptoms and diagnosis

As a stye develops, the eyelid will become swollen and painful, and the eye may water for a few days before the stye opens and drains. Luckily, styes typically last no longer than one week. A Chalazion will begin as a hard lump or cyst under the skin of the eyelid. These bumps last much longer than styes, so thankfully they are not associated with any pain. The inflammation and swelling caused by chalazia may spread beyond the infected area. Both styes and chalazia can heal without medical attention.

It may be hard for you to tell the difference between a stye and a chalazion. If you are unsure of what the bump on your eyelid is, schedule a consultation with your eye doctor so it can be diagnosed and the proper treatment recommended.

At home treatment

Chalazia and styes are separate conditions, but they share similar treatment techniques.

  • By applying a warm compress to the infected area, you can relieve some of the pain while helping the stye or chalazion heal more quickly.
  • You can try applying an over the counter ointment or treatment to assist in the healing process.
  • Remember to let the chalazion or stye open and heal on its own. By tampering with the infected area, you introduce the possibility of additional infection.
  • Refrain from wearing your contact lenses or eye makeup until the stye or chalazion is completely healed.

Schedule a consultation

Remember, the best way to achieve healthy eyes is proper prevention. To schedule your next eye exam, contact Dr. Stuart Sondheimer at 847-677-2794 (Skokie, IL),  847-677-2794 (Deerfield, IL), or 847-696-7643 (Park Ridge, IL). Let us assist you in maintaining healthy eyesight.

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