3 common eye problems and what to do about them

eye problems chicago Our eyes are phenomenal organs with the ability to heal quickly. Occasionally, we may confront eye issues that may alarm or concern us. The common question, “Should I see my doctor, or will my eyes heal on their own?” is answered here for styes, eye redness, and pinkeye.

  • Eye redness: eye redness can include a blotchy red spot on the white of your eye or allergies that make the eyes inflamed. If you discover a patch of red on your eye, it is often a bruise just under the surface of the eye that has formed. This is known as subconjunctival hemorrhage and will often fade within two to three weeks. If your eyes are watery, itchy and red, you may be suffering from seasonal allergies or an allergic reaction. Typically, an over the counter allergy medication or antihistamine eye drops can solve these problems. If your eye redness hasn’t disappeared within ten days, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.
  • Stye: A stye will form when the eyelash follicle becomes clogged and infected. The resulting bump atop the eyelid line can be painful, red, and crusty. To diminish the pain and pressure, get a warm wet rag and press it to your eye for a few seconds. Repeat this a few times both morning and night. Also, cleanse the eye area with baby shampoo. If you don’t witness any healing within a few days, contact your eye doctor who can prescribe you a steroid ointment or antibiotic. In severe cases, a minor surgery may be needed to drain the stye.
  • Pinkeye: Pinkeye is an itchy and contagious condition called acute conjunctivitis. Your eyes will become red, and a white or yellow discharge will appear. Pinkeye is usually spread by a lack of hand washing, so be mindful of others and be particularly attentive to personal hygiene. It is normal to have cold symptoms, like a runny nose, along with pinkeye. If you think you have pinkeye, contact your eye doctor to schedule an appointment immediately so you can begin treatment and avoid spreading it.

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