How a cornea transplant procedure works

Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer and his team in Skokie, IL help patients with a wide range of vision needs. He is an eye physician with years of experience in helping patients improve their vision and get a proper diagnosis and treatment for their unique and individual concerns. Certain patients may need to work with an eye care professional to learn more about certain treatments that can improve their eyesight and quality of life, including cornea transplant surgeries.

What is the cornea transplant procedure?

A cornea transplant procedure, or “keratoplasty,” is a surgical treatment that is performed to replace part or all of the cornea with donor tissue. The cornea is the dome-shaped, transparent eye surface that is responsible for vision focus. When it has become damaged or diseased, it can impact one’s ability to see. When problems occur, patients will want to consider the benefits of cornea transplant to restore vision.

Who might require a cornea transplant?

There are many conditions that can occur in which a patient may want to consider the benefits of surgery to replace the cornea. Conditions that can be treated with cornea transplant surgery include:

  • Keratoconus
  • Fuchs’ dystrophy
  • Clouding or swelling of the cornea
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Cornea scarring (from injury or infection)
  • Thinning cornea tissue

What to expect with cornea transplant surgery

Patients will schedule their transplant surgery with Dr. Stuart P. Sondheimer as soon as they have found out they are a proper candidate for treatment. On the day of surgery, patients will be given a sedative to relax and a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the eye being treated. This eliminates any discomfort or pain. The surgeon then cuts out the diseased or abnormal cornea and replaces it with the donor cornea. The new cornea is stitched into place and the sutures are removed at a later visit to the doctor. Patients should speak to their doctor about any time needed off of work, school, or other activities to ensure that they heal properly and reduce their risk of infection or other complications.

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