Causes of Cataracts

Although the most common cause of Cataracts is natural ageing, there are other factors that can result in a patient getting a Cataract. Some cataracts are present at birth or develop shortly after birth. In many cases early diagnosis and surgical treatment of these Congenital Cataracts can save a child’s ability to see. If the Congenital Cataract is not diagnosed or treated at an early age, the child may never develop the ability to see well. Some Cataract develop after a person sustains Trauma to an eye. I’ve treated patients who have developed Cataracts after sustaining blunt blows to their eyes from Baseballs, Golf balls, and Fists. Other patients have suffered penetrating injuries to their eyes from sharp objects. Sometimes an eye that has had a Traumatic Injury has less stable internal structures that make surgical treatment more difficult. Many people develop Cataracts after using Prednisone orally or on a mucous membrane. These Cataract generally respond normally to surgery. Many patients have hereditary Cataracts that develop in their middle ages. Most Cataracts respond well to Surgery and most patients fully recover their vision with Cataract Surgery.

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