Can You Prevent Glaucoma?

iStock 1270084871 Glaucoma is difficult to prevent and there isn’t a cure for it. But catching it as early as possible is really important. It makes it possible for Dr. Sondheimer to slow or stop the damage being done to the optic nerve, which in turn slows the loss of vision. To mitigate the most advanced stages of glaucoma, the following measures may be beneficial:

  • Routine eye exams. This is really the most effective way to prevent and reduce the damage of glaucoma. Having the condition diagnosed in its early stages means Dr. Sondheimer can manage it in an optimal way, before it progresses to its worst stages. Routine eye exams are necessary for this reason. Glaucoma progresses slowly and gradually, so much so that people don’t always realize it’s happening. An exam may catch the condition before you notice any loss of peripheral or central vision.
  • Eye protection. An eye injury can cause what is known as traumatic or secondary glaucoma. Therefore, practicing eye safety is a good way to prevent this type of glaucoma. Wear safety glasses when engaging in contact sports, home improvement projects, wood cutting/wood chipping, or any activity where debris could fly into the eyes.
  • Exercise. We all know regular exercise is good for our bodies and benefits our overall health. Some evidence shows that exercise may lower intraocular pressure. Talk to your doctor about starting an exercise regimen if you don’t already have one. It’s possible that something as straightforward as walking a few days every week will benefit your eye health.

Glaucoma Treatment

Eye drops are typically the first line of defense against the progression and symptoms of glaucoma. Dr. Sondheimer is an experienced provider of laser surgery for this eye condition, if the circumstances necessitate it. 

Find Out If You Are a Candidate for Glaucoma Treatment

Although glaucoma can be disheartening, treatments exist to slow its progression and alleviate symptoms. To learn more, please call the practice of Dr. Stuart Sondheimer in Skokie, IL, at 847-677-2794. He is personally committed to informing you of all of your options and answering your questions.

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